Get rich quick – the original start up?

Channelling success in my start up, today I have been hanging with my friend Google and calling it “research” because now I’m an entrepreneur I feel I can. In my “research” I looked up two things before I got sidetracked. Start up and work from home. The first filled my screen with high achievers and a list of budding start up consultants (yes, we are now so focused on starting up we have developed a whole new industry and employed ‘start up starter-uppers’). The second took me back to the early days of the internet…

Get rich quick schemes. What a great idea they were. Absolutely useless and a painful experience for the gullible (cough). But think for just a second of the lucky bugger behind it all who goes to sleep at night still pinching himself that society has bred such a deluded bunch of people. I’m sure he is very happy right now. He’s probably friends with some of those consultants I was telling you about. His business has grown repeatedly, the false promises are still landing in my inbox and still highest ranking online… somewhere, somehow, he is still making money.

Perhaps we have outgrown the scams and our SEO campaigns just haven’t caught up. But for those still buying into his words, maybe a start up isn’t for you. Because you must have absolutely no idea what you are doing. My advice? Get out of the 90s, check your wiki, sleep on it and start again tomorrow.

And while you are sleeping off your shame, I will be thinking about my “research.” If starting up does not at least loosely translate to working from home and/or the associated lifestyle are we to presume there are more offices ahead of us? Isn’t this what we are running from in the first place?

All I know is that if this guy’s target market is my competition, maybe I stand a niggling chance after all.

Signing off to start up,



a buzz word for the y gens.

Today was brilliant.

My online career has been launched. I am going to make a mint. Life will be smooth sailing from here on in…


Today I woke up and felt like I didn’t want to go to work. Ever again. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, it’s how I feel most mornings. You probably feel it too.

Yet every day I get up at 7, go to work and come home again. I log online and there it is, the daily success story. A teenager started a business in their parents’ garage and now sails around the world, their living being made for them by an automated system or some poor sod in India. How fantastic, I read, it is not to be me.

In a world where social media runs our lives, where we grow up with a career goal of entrepreneur and a fall back of reality TV star, start up seems to be the new buzz word.

It’s a nice thought, throwing in security for freedom and a self-made corner office. In fact I would love nothing more than to work poolside margarita in hand but I get the feeling it’s not as easy as registering a domain and buying a plane ticket.

I get the feeling it’s not easy at all. I lack the ideas, I lack the capital. I’ve long passed teenager status so there goes my free ride with the media. I don’t even have a garage. But I do get up at 7 not wanting to go to work. And so I have made a plan. I will hold on desperately to my naive expectations of success and give the whole thing a whirl anyway.

So today was, in fact, brilliant. I decided to get off my ass and do something. Maybe I’ll make it, probably I won’t, but who cares? Today was brilliant.

Welcome to the site where suckers like me are always welcome.

Signing off to start up,